Auto Dialers


Auto Dialer (PSTN)

L50 alarm auto dialer, notifies through standard PSTN landlines and using the outputs, you can control (turn on & off) the connected devices.


Auto Dialer (GSM-PSTN)

GL150 alarm auto dialer calls contacts when it is triggered or the power is out. Using the outputs, not only can you control the dialer but also you can control (turning on & off) the connected devices through text message, app and calling.

Auto Dialer

An alarm auto dialer is a device that is made to automatically call phone numbers when a home alarm is triggered. Our Dialers can dial out via landline (PSTN) and GSM network. Alarm auto dialers are perfect for monitoring, automating and controlling your home, vacation home, farm, and all sorts of other applications.

Nowadays intruder alarms are equipped with built-in dialers and alarm auto dialers are now used mostly for automation purposes.  Alarm auto dialers are currently in operation in various industries, including Factories, Livestock Protection, Agriculture, and Water & Waste Control.