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دزدگیر اماکن سیمکارتی (دارای بخش بندی) A480

7,140,000 تومان
A480 دزدگیر اماکن سیم کارتی کنترل چهار بخش به صورت مجزا انتخاب زون، شماره تلفن و ریموت‌های دستگاه به صورت

A260 Simple Alarm Panel

3,220,000 تومان
A260 Simple Alarm Panel A 260 is the most uncomplicated device in Anik’s production portfolio. In the event of an

A370 PSTN Alarm Panel

4,760,000 تومان
A370 PSTN Alarm Panel A370 PSTN Alarm Panel communicates through PSTN, and in the event of an alarm it starts

ECO4000 GSM Alarm Panel

5,565,000 تومان
ECO4000 GSM Alarm Panel ECO4000 GSM alarm panel is an economical, easy to use intruder alarm for keeping your home

A470 GSM Alarm Panel

6,575,000 تومان
A470 GSM Alarm Panel A470 is the newest Anik intruder alarm, and is powered by a very expansive cellular network.

A570 GSM-PSTN Alarm Panel

7,030,000 تومان
A570 GSM-PSTN Intruder Alarm A570 is an upgraded version of A500 model which was the Anik’s first intruder alarm and,

A670 GSM-PSTN Alarm Panel

7,670,000 تومان
A670 GSM-PSTN Intruder Alarm A670 alarm panels are equipped with high-quality microprocessors. The GSM communicator allows the system to transmit

A770 GSM-PSTN Alarm Panel

8,330,000 تومان
A770 GSM-PSTN Intruder Alarm A 770 alarm panels are equipped with high-quality microprocessors and support 2 SIM cards at the