Learning Videos

LED arm mode

Video 1

24-Hour zone

Video 2

Ding-Dong mode

Video 3

Finding Serial Number

Video 4

Check SIM card Balance

Video 5

Connecting the SIM card

Video 6

Record Output Sound

Video 7

Recharge Sim card balance via panel

Video 8

Set up the bluetooth remote

Video 9

Alarm's Auto Dialer's test

Video 10

Record and Play alarm sound

Video 11

Set the dialing mode

Video 12

Change the alarm password

Video 13

Connecting RXD module

Video 14

PSTN & Power outage report

Video 15

Voltage change

Video 16

Panel Security level adjustment

Video 17

Siren Duration adjustment

Video 18

Delay Duration adjustment

Video 19

Single Siren adjustment

Video 20

Save contacts

Video 21

Reset the alarm

Video 22

Set up remote

Video 23

Alarm voice recording

Video 24

Internet Splitter

Video 25

Set up Motion Detectors

Video 26

Connecting Relay Module to alarm

Video 27

Wiring K910 Keypad

Video 28

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